1. Water is vital to cricket. Even 1% dehydration can cause a marked reduction in performance.
  2. To combat dehydration, cricketers should drink between 1-3 litres during the day (the hotter it is the more you drink)*
  3. Its better to have a small drink every half hour to hour than one long drink.
  4. However, in club cricket drinks breaks can be rare so it is better to drink too much than not enough when you do have the chance.
  5. If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. Drink often to avoid feeling thirsty.
  6. If you are lucky enough to have a 12th man or willing volunteer, get them to run out with drinks bottles when a wicket falls.
  7. The best types of drinks are juice, sports drinks or plain water.
  8. Tea, coffee and alcohol are not recommended during play, although a mug of tea at tea time is not going to have an adverse effect.
  9. There is no evidence that sports drinks are more efficient than orange juice. Energy drinks such as Red Bull provide a short term boost but could be counted as doping and make you want to go to the loo meaning you may get dehydrated if you drink too much.