Osaka C-Pro Shingaurds

Get protection on that shins and hands…

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Get your loved one the protection needed on the astro. The highest quality protection! 

The Armadillo 3.0 consists out of 11 different compound plastic shells combined with 2 types of foam. 
These overlapping high-tech materials combined in specific areas ensure that all areas of your hand are protected during play.

Compared to last year’s model, the glove has been made much easier to put on, and we have optimized the fitting. 
We have also increased the thickness of padding in high risk zones.


  • 11 separated plastic compound shells
  • Multi layered protection featuring EVA foam and compound plastics
  • Rubberized finger straps
  • Stylish functional backhand protection plate

The C-Pro Shinguard features a premium, lightweight design incorporating multiple airflow holes. The highest grade compound plastic is combined with foam and a soft liner, to ensure comfort as well as optimal protection during play.


  • Premium, Lightweight Osaka Design
  • Lightweight plastic compound shell with raised central spine that decrease the risk of shin injuries
  • Removable EVA-foam, soft liner: suitable for washing
  • Highly ergonomic design incorporating ankle padding.