Plifix markers – box of 25 (Corking)

Season after season, the PLiFiX keep their position and save
you the remeasurement since all dimensions of the playing fields for football,
rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, etc. are marked once and for all. Installed at
each intersection, they are then a true quality criterion for the accuracy of
dimensions. The price refers to a set of 25 PLiFiX marking tools, incl. driving
tools. Just select the desired color above. Single PLiFiX marking tools in 6
different colors, are also available in our shop. Also professional clubs buy
from us.

Product details PLiFiX :

marking tool – set of 25

Colors: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green.

Length of a single marking tool: 17 cm,

For the sports ground marking for the identification of
sprinklers as a backup point for electricity and gas lines makes power outlets
findable outdoors at all time stable and durable.