By Virgin Active

We need water for survival, for a healthy body and mind, but we just don’t drink enough of it. Why? It’s one of those mysteries. It helps get rid of wastes and toxins in your body, and regulates your metabolism.

It helps to create healthy new blood cells and bone cells. It balances your body temperature. Basically every cell and organ in your body needs water to function properly.

Read on for some cool tips on how to up your water intake. But first…



The daily recommendation is still eight glasses a day. Just remember, if you’re exercising, or if the weather is hot, your body loses more water because you’re sweating, so you’ll probably need more.



  • Carry a bottle of water with you when you’re out and keep a bottle at your desk and one in your car.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal – this will help to rehydrate you and fill your stomach, making you feel fuller, so you’re saving on calories too.
  • Drink a glass of water before brushing your teeth.
  • Put a note at your front door reminding you to grab your bottle of water from the fridge before you leave in the morning.
  • If you like yours chilled, keep water bottles in the fridge and refill them every night.
  • Add berries, lemon slices, mint leaves or cucumber slices to give your water some flavour.
  • Drinking Rooibos or chamomile tea without adding milk or sugar counts towards your water intake.
  • Be careful of flavoured waters. They can contain as much sugar as fizzy drinks. If you go for those that are artificially sweetened, remember that the recommendation is no more than two artificially sweetened beverages per day, so you can’t get all eight glasses from them.
  • When it’s cold, drink boiled water with lemon slices or ginger.


Remember: Sometimes dehydration disguises itself as hunger – drinking more water will prevent undue snacking, which will help your waistline.

Water is available almost everywhere you go, and the cherry on top? No extra calories. Drinking more water, together with eating the right foods, could be the first step to a healthy new you.