COLOURS: Fluo Yellow
LENGTHS: 36.5L, 37.5L

• Power, control & speed are well-balanced to offer all-around high performance.
• NewApex headshape offersgreaterreverse-trappingstability
& lighter pickup for faster hand speed.
ever before,with a larger surface area stabilising contact between
stick & ball – delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time.

The AC8 has been precisely engineered to gain maximum performance. Using Aerocore technology the weight distribution is controlled to create a light pickup. The rear spine increases power transfer down the shaft and new handle technology allows for a stiffer composition without compromising control. This combines with the new Probow-S shape which features a reshaped head that is ideal for 3D skills and offers extra surface area on reverse side pickups. A thicker low backhand zone helps to execute passes and shots on the reverse side.

Key facts –

  • Aerocore technology for light pickup.
  • Probow-S shape is a low bow ideal for 3D skills.
  • Thickened LBZ for reverse stick passing & shooting.