The Original Pro Tour is essential to the world’s best hockey players. Based on Osaka’s original black and green icon, the Original Pro Tour is the embodiment of our Japanese heritage, focusing on performance with a refined design.

All Pro Tours sticks are crafted from at least 22 layers of 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre laid down in alternating orientations for the optimal balance between stiffness and the unique Osaka feel. Our latest development is the removal of the outer woven layer to increase responsiveness so the feedback to the player becomes more organic.

The Osaka Low Bow is an excellent all-round stick shape with excellent drag-flicking capabilities. The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the head with a maximal height of 24mm. Despite these aggressive figures, the profile is modest while catering to the modern style of play. This design is focused on (deceptive) slap hitting, drag-flicking and power hitting.



• Available in SUPERLIGHT or LIGHT

• 24mm bow height

• 200mm max bow position



• 45° angle

• 115mm length

• 25mm thick

• Kevlar reinforcement



• 31mm thick

• Osaka Pro Touch 2016 BLACK (buffed and perforated)

• 1,5mm VibraStop foam layer Construction

• 98% carbon

• 1% Kevlar Cross reinforcement

• 1% Aramid Backhand Blade reinforcement